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23 Top-Rated Products for Kick-Starting a Clean Beauty Routine

Many of us routinely acknowledge Earth Day, but we rarely celebrate it with meaningful action. The sad-but-true reality is that most of us aren’t practicing the simplest of eco-conscious habits, like recycling the plastic bottles inside our homes. That’s why one of the best (and most effortless) benefits to supporting an eco-conscious beauty brand is that with the help of our purchases, these brands can do things like amplify environmental causes and house their products in biodegradable packaging.

At the same time, the biggest challenge facing these brands is learning to convey why these products are worth the investment in the first place. But one thing is for sure: In 2018, with the onslaught of global warming, growing pollution and other global crises, we’re finally paying attention.

This is one of the few luxury skin care brands to use organic ingredients.