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What's the Deal with Face Wipes?

What's the Deal with Face Wipes?

Find the good in using cleansing cloths.

Some call them a face wipe, others a face cloth. Whatever it is, it's the fad that’s taken the skincare market (and likely your Instagram feed) by storm.

Fact #1. Taking your makeup off at the end of the day is one of the first things women forget (neglect) to do.

Fact #2. Cleansing Cloths are a quick and great way to streamline your beauty routine and feel better about your skin. Fixing fact #1.

Here are some simple tips you need to know when using cleansing cloths:

Clear that grime. Our skin wears our day: holding all types of nasty build up, from bacteria and pollutants, to excess oils, dust, and dirt. Whether conscious or not we touch our faces constantly throughout the day, which spreads even more dirt and bacteria and can lead to breakouts. Failing to cleanse your face properly not only leaves it dirty, but it can also cause it to feel heavy, and look greasy and dull. Using cleansing cloths to conveniently remove these impurities is a quick and easy solution to freshen up your skin and leave it looking healthy and glowing.

Brown-eyed woman using Ogee Organic Daily Facial Cleansing Cloth to remove makeup

Simplify your routine. Let’s face it, washing your face can be hard. At the end of a long day the last thing most of us want to do is get up and spend time splashing products all over our face, only to make a watery mess and get damp and soggy by the end of it. That’s the beauty of a good cleansing cloth - it cuts back on time, energy, and mess. When you use a wipe you are not only simplifying makeup removal and cleaning, but also consolidating the products you would be purchasing by combining a cloth and a cleanser.

Help your body help you.Consider this beauty from the outside in, inside out. Our skin cells regenerate more rapidly at night compared to the day. While we sleep, our bodies work hard to regenerate new skin cells, expel impurities, exfoliate dead skin, rebuild collagen and elastin, balance oil production and more. This entire process is slowed down and complicated if a layer of makeup and dirt is left on your face. Night time is a perfect opportunity to apply renewal boosting products such as anti-aging serums, natural plumpers, and anti-acne formulas.

Woman in summer showering outside

Boost hydration. The right cleansing cloth should not only cleanse but also moisturize. Simply moisturizing in the morning doesn’t always cut it by the end of a long day, and removing the day’s toxins from your face can be the perfect time to re-moisturize. Wiping your face with a cleansing cloth provides a clean slate to reapply moisture as needed.

Find the good in Organic. Studies have revealed that most of the products applied to the skin are absorbed into the body. There are plenty of natural ingredients out there that can make a measurable difference for your skin, so when you think about, why even mess around with anything else? As an added bonus, if your cleansing cloths are truly organic, the cloths should be made of natural fiber which is an environmentally conscious and compostable material (win, win).

Convinced? Here's a great place to start: Ogee Daily Facial Cleansing Cloths.