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Treat Yourself to Some Clean Eats

Treat Yourself to Some Clean Eats

It’s that time of year again when we start making promises to ourselves to eat healthier and exercise more, but we all know that is much easier said than done. At some point, we can accept a little help and support from our ever-present smartphones to help us fit into our favorite pair of jeans again.

Staying healthy and sticking to a clean eating plan are elusive promises we make to ourselves when choosing a salad over pizza for lunch. The real difficulty lies in continually making those good decisions when facing the irresistible smell of warm flaky pastries at the local coffee shop. Staying healthy is essential, but nonetheless very tricky.

For most people, eating well means seeing changes, but when those changes take longer than a week to materialize, it’s easy to revert to old habits. For others, it’s the feeling of change that provides the appeal. Just cutting out gluten or dairy may clear up skin, reduce bloating, and even boost energy which are motivating changes that make it easier to keep making healthy decisions.

In the age of technology, it’s easier than ever to get professional advice at the click of a button...or swipe of a finger. From picking out the freshest produce to translating complicated ingredients into plain English, we picked out our three favorite apps that help keep us on the track of clean eats. 

organic vegetables and eggs, all natural foods

Produce: Plain and Simple

Did you know that if a watermelon has a yellow spot on its underside it was able to fully ripen in the sun? We didn’t know that either, but Harvest App proves to be a lifesaver in that moment of indecision when we want to make sure we’re buying the sweetest, ripest produce. It provides quirky, quick facts that help us pick out the ripest watermelon and freshest berries. It even gives washing and storage instructions for the longest shelf life as well as pesticide levels for most foods.

Food or Foe

No matter how many languages you speak, the ingredients listed on the back of a processed food label are very foreign and confusing. This is where Fooducate comes in. It allows us to either scan a product barcode or simply type in the name, like “banana” for a full list of nutritional facts that make sense. It also rates foods on a healthiness scale, revealing that the  smoothie marketed as a healthy breakfast choice could just as easily be packed with sugary calories.

Embrace Your Cravings

whole wheat bread, avocado toast with cherry tomatos

Our last app offers all the perks of a nutritional coach without the hefty prices that accompany it. Substitutions provides alternative options to your favorite junk foods that satisfy the same cravings while keeping you on a healthy track. It not only offers substitutions in the grocery store, but it can also suggest alternative ingredients at home in a pinch. 

These are just three examples of thousands of apps available to help stay healthy and knowledgeable of the foods we consume. With the power of a million books right in our pocket, it’s easier than ever to keep a clean diet and stay on track to healthful happiness.