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This Summer's 7 Beach Bag Essentials

This Summer's 7 Beach Bag Essentials

Summer is officially here, which means endless hours in the sun. Summer spent by the pool, or a day oceanside, you don’t want to forget your beach day necessities. Having a perfectly packed beach bag is essential for a fun, sun-filled summer.

Before hitting the beach, prep your skin with Ogee Seeds of Youth Serum, followed by our 100% Natural Face Oil. Filled with antioxidants and essential oils, our Face Oilreplenishes and hydrates to dramatically improve complexion. After you’ve prepped for the warm summer rays, grab your sunscreen and this seasons must haves:


1) Marrakech Straw Basket

Free People, Marrakech Straw Basket

Free People, Marrakech Straw Basket $68

Be the most stylist it-girl on the beach this season with a Morocco made straw basket. Perfect for holding this summer’s essentials, this circular woven basket is crafted from sustainable, eco-friendly straw.


2) Ogee Sculpted Lip Oil

Ogee Organic Sculpted Lip Oil, lip primer, lip treatment


Ogee, Sculpted Lip Oil $22

With the thinnest layer of skin on your body and little natural protection from the sun, don’t forget about your lips! Ogee Lip Oil is infused with refreshing organic Peppermint Oil, and contains cold-pressed Jojoba Seed Oil which has natural SPF qualities.


3) Soma Water Bottle 

Soma, glass water bottle

Soma, Glass Water Bottle $30 

No matter what you’re drinking at the beach, this bottle is the responsible choice to contain your beverage. The lightweight bottle is made from renewable resources and shatter-resistant glass, perfect for on the go beach days. An easy-to-grip sleeve makes it ideal for freshly dipped salt water fingers. Toss in fresh blueberries and orange slices to help you feel energized, and boost your metabolism. Once the water is gone and you have no healthy nourishing options, they make a refreshing anti-oxidant snack you can really dive into. 


4) Etnia Barcelona Sunglasses 

Etnia Barcelona at Bandier, Ferlandina Sunglasses

Etnia Barcelona at Bandier, Ferlandina Sunglasses $265 

Did you know your eyes can get sunburn? Protect your eyes from harmful rays along with all-day squinting with these fabulous sunnies. Not to mention they're effortlessly chic. 


5) Stone Cold Fox Chloe Hat

Stone Cold Fox, Chloe  Hat

Stone Cold Fox, Chloe Hat $352 

For the love of straw, an eco-friendly material we can't get enough of. Top off every beach-day outfit with this flat brim hat. Ideal for hiding from the sun's harmful rays, or creating the ideal shade for a good read. 


6) Beach Towel

The Beach People, The Wategos beach towel

The Beach People, The Wategos $110 

The Beach towel is the canvas upon which one paints their summer (or their day at the beach). That's why it's important to select one that expresses your own personal style. And above all, the round shape allows you to adjust your body effortlessly, perfect for all day tanning. 


7) Ogee Daily Facial Cleaning Cloths


Ogee Organic Daily Facial Cleansing Cloths, makeup removing wipes, organic face wipes

Ogee, Daily Facial Cleansing Cloths $20

After a long day at the beach, the Ogee organic cleansing cloths are your hands and feet go-to for kicking that dry sandy feeling. With moisturizing based technology, these refreshing cleansing cloths are a crucial step before grabbing a bite to eat.