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RSVP with Confidence

RSVP with Confidence

RSVP with confidence this holiday season. Attend the next soiree with a look that will have the attendees talking about you through the new year.

A bold lip color combined with a shimmery complexion to compliment your festive attire will certainly do the trick. It is the holidays after all, and you never know who you might find under the mistletoe.

Achieve that pre-mistletoe glow with our Tinted Sculpted Lip Oils. Are you in the know? Our Tinted Sculpted Lips Oils can also be used to contour and highlight. 

Follow these steps to achieve your best holiday look yet:

Colour + Contour


1. Line the hollow of each cheekbone with Gardenia and blend for a natural contour and bronze.

2. Follow the highest point of each cheekbone with Magnolia for a luminous highlight.

Prep + Define 

3. Prep lips with Clear Sculpted Lip Oil to lock in moisture and prime before applying Tint. 

4. Apply a layer of Zinnia on top of Clear primed lips for a smooth finish.