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Is Organic Skincare Better?

Is Organic Skincare Better?

Does organic really make a difference? It seems that everywhere we look there are new blogs, articles and ads urging us to switch to products with organic ingredients. While it sounds great, the question remains, what exactly makes organic ingredients better?

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We found answers:

They are better for your health. Much of what we put on our skin gets absorbed into our body, so why are we far more concerned with what goes into our bodies than what goes on them? Many non-organic beauty products on the market today contain a crazy amount of chemicals. From parabens to formaldehyde to petroleum waxes, an ordinary lotion can contain quite a concerning mix. It seems as though every week there is a new study released that shows the connection between chemicals and illness.

And while some of the chemical ingredients used in non-organic skincare products are known to give fast acting results that appear to work at first, they can end up causing more damage over time. 

The good news is that organic skincare products cleanse, tone, exfoliate, treat and moisturize your skin without using any of these noxious artificial chemicals or additives. Organic ingredients are also grown without the use of harsh pesticides and GMO’s. Importantly, truly organic products come with an organic certification. This certification proves that a recognized third party has carefully monitored every step of the production process to ensure that only the good stuff makes its way into organic products.

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They provide better results. One of the biggest claims associated with organic ingredients is that they are particularly high in antioxidants; in fact, studies have shown that organic fruits and vegetables hold more antioxidants than their non-organic counterparts.

Sounds good, right? But what exactly do antioxidants do for us?  In order to understand the benefits of antioxidants, we must first understand their opposition: free radicals.

Free radicals are a natural byproduct of life, caused by UV rays, smoke, pollution, stress, an unhealthy diet, and other factors.

An excess of free radicals can increase the speed of aging by attacking the skin’s structural layer and defensive barrier. Additionally, free radicals damage your skin’s DNA which has been suggested to lead to cancer and other diseases. As if that isn’t bad enough, they can also cause excess drying and the appearance of dull skin. 

The number one way to combat free radicals is with antioxidants. Antioxidants are naturally produced by our body, but we can also get an additional supply of antioxidants by adding more organic fruits and vegetables to our diet, drinking antioxidant drinks and teas, and using organic skin care products in our beauty routine. 


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They are better for our environment. While there are clear health benefits to consuming organic foods and products, there are also major environmental benefits to consider. Organic farming is much better for our environment than conventional farming. For one thing, organic farming practices use significantly less water than conventional farming practices. It is estimated that over two-thirds of the freshwater used by humans annually around the world is used for crop irrigation. In a time when droughts around the globe are abundant, it without a doubt feels better to help have a positive impact on the environment with our purchases. 

Additionally, unlike many conventional farming practices, which contaminate local soil, rivers and drinking water sources, organic farms use sustainable practices which are friendly to the communities and people around them.

So, what's the bottom line? Going organic really does make a difference.  

You can start seeing the difference in your skin, by trying our organic skin care.