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Why Hollywood's Elite Can't Stop Talking About Tinted Lip Oils

Keri Russell, Mary-Louise Parker and even the Kardashians are loving it!

Kourtney Kardashian Ogee Lip Tint Conditioning Balm
The lightly plumping and conditioning organic lip treatment that offers the bold flawless finish we all crave. Condition, treat and plump your lips with Ogee's 3-in-1 Organic Sculpted Lip Oils. The organic lip balm that everyone is obsessed with - even Hollywood's elite.
Ogee Tinted Lip Oil Conditioning Balm

The oldest sister of the Kardashian tribe lists Ogee's Sculpted Lip Oil in her top favorite products to combat dry lips. "Taking care of your lips is just as important as taking care of your skin, mainly because your lips are your skin! Don’t let dehydrated days get you down. Take a page from Kourt’s book and keep your lips looking luscious every day of the week," Stylecaster enthusiastically said about Kourtney's Top Favs For Lip Hydration.

What are Tinted Lip Oils?

Tinted Sculpted Lip Oils  instantly melt onto lips to moisturize and nourish, with a conditioning layer of beauty-enhancing, buildable natural color. Available for sale individually, or as gift sets, Botanical Bouquet, Blossom, Daring, and Darling, cater to every mood!


The DaringDarling and Blossom Gift Sets contain 4 full-sized Tinted Sculpted Lip Oil in colors that are representative of the theme of each set.

The Daring Gift Set is the most dramatic of the three, containing darker tones in Azalea, Begonia, Dahlia, and Zinnia, for a more sultry look.

The Botanical Bouquet contains 8 full-sized Tinted Sculpted Lip Oils in Ogee's classic colors: Azalea, Begonia, Camellia, Dahlia, Gardenia, Linnea, Magnolia, and Zinnia. This Gift Set is Ogee's most diverse offering of our awarding-winning Tinted Sculpted Lip Oils.  

For something more subtle, the Darling Gift Set offers light tints in soft and sweet hues in Camellia, Gardenia, Linnea, and Magnolia. 

The Blossom Gift Set was our most anticipated launch to date! Containing 4 full-size Tinted Sculpted Lip Oils in our newly launched nude shades: Viola, Nolana, Rosalia, and Petunia. These nature-inspired shades add a gentle pop of color.

Conditioning, lightly plumping color treatment packed in one sleek, sexy tube, it's no wonder the rest of the sisters have followed suit. The younger sister, Khloe, chose the Daring Gift Set, for "those deserving a little pampering," in her Holiday Gift Guide.  

Let's be real, pampered lips are the best lips.

Does it Deserve the Buzz?

Ogee's Sculpted Lip Oils are lip balms that condition, treat, and prime lips with a blend of organic oils including cold-pressed Jojoba Oil and Butters. The cutting-edge formulation allows for the silky oil to instantly melts onto lips to moisturize and nourish. 

A refreshing infusion of organic Peppermint Essential Oil soothes, while fast-acting Hyaluronic Acid hydrates and long-lasting vegetable-derived volumizers plump.

"This lip product does not feel like oil, however, it glides on and stays put all day with moisture and vibrant color. Ogee I love thee!"

Can it really be moisturizing, plumping, color-enhancing... and long-lasting? The answer is a definite yes. A revolutionary delivery system allows nutrient-rich oils, butters, and waxes to be applied in solid form, melting upon application. The soft, buttery stick releases oils directly onto lips to instantly soften, hydrate, and moisturize. The formula glides easily over lips and imparts a minty tingle to instantly improve the appearance and reduce signs of aging. Lips are left under an emollient layer of antioxidants, butters, and waxes to shield against the elements and lock-in potent natural plumping ingredients.

The certified organic Sculpted Lips Oils are the perfect option for those looking for au naturale, no make-up/makeup look. Riverdale's Marisol Nichols named Ogee's Sculpted Lip Oil as one of her favorite Skincare and Makeup products. "I'm not a big lipstick wearer, but when I want a little color, Ogee has these thick sort of chubby sticks, which are really moisturizing and natural and come in different shades," explains Nichols.

The Tinted Sculpted Lip Oils are available in twelve botanically-inspired shades, so there's bound to be one (or two) that you fall in love with. Even Natalia Dyer from Stranger Things has jumped on the bandwagon.

Hollywood's Stamp of Approval...

Coveted celebrity makeup artist, Tina Turnbow uses Ogee's Sculpted Lip Oil  obsessively on her clients. "I hydrate the lips with the Clear Sculpted Lip Oil and then I use the most flattering shade to enhance my client's natural beauty and style."

Is it Worth the Price Tag??

110%! Ogee uses only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients to retain the maximum level of antioxidants, polyphenols, and micronutrients in every bottle. Ogee's Sculpted Lip Oils obtained organic certification by NSF, a strict, internationally recognized certification recognized in the market.

Ogee's Tinted Sculpted Lip Oils won top place in Indie Beauty Expo's Best in Show 2018 for best Color. Sixteen beauty experts evaluated 350+ nominated products, across 30 categories, and named Ogee's Tinted Sculpted Lip Oil- Best Color. "This is my new favorite lip product! My lips felt hydrated, and it was easy to take from day to night with buildable long-lasting color," says expert evaluator Kandice Hansen. 

With a cult following and Hollywood's stamp of approval, these award-winning Sculpted Lip Oils are an absolute must-have.