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Guest Blogger: Kate Mansi // Committing to Your Skin in 2017

Guest Blogger: Kate Mansi // Committing to Your Skin in 2017

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You Can't Pour From an Empty Cup 

‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’ has been my takeaway from 2016. That quote hit me when I first heard it and hasn’t let go! I believe whole heartedly in helping the people I love; I’m a care- taker, it’s just in my nature. To my fellow ‘caretaker types’ out there reading this and nodding your heads right now, I have a WARNING for you: The danger in innately inhabiting this role is that you often sacrifice or neglect important aspects of your own self-care. Am I right, or am I right?

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It’s a cyclical pattern getting completely burnt out and procrastinating or neglecting simple things. Skin care being one of those things. For clarity, I don’t mean I go to bed without washing my face, (because NEVER!), or that I don’t clean my makeup brushes compulsively (because, ALWAYS!). What I mean is, when time gets limited, I stick to the basics with my skin care. But let’s be honest, no one ever got to the fountain of youth by ‘sticking to the basics’.

More Than Just Luck

I’m lucky to have skin that is patient, and I’m lucky to have missed the terrible teens or adult acne period that so many go through. However, my skin does get problematic if I’m overworked, dehydrated, not getting enough sleep, not eating as clean as I usually do, or experiencing stress. Most notably though, and most frequently overlooked, my skin does not cooperate or bounce back as well as I need it to when I’m using products that are not benefiting my skin long term. (Products that have ingredients I know better than to use by now.)  

I know, I know, NOT GOOD. I swear I hear my big sister lecturing me in my head on the nights I slip into bed after just washing my face and skipping the extra 2 MINUTE step of moisturizing. But when you don’t feel confident about the products in your cabinet, those crucial steps like moisturizing are naturally the first to get cut. Preemptively taking care of your skin to avoid aging is crucial in your 20s, I know, we get it. Likewise, most of us know that the products we put on our skin are not just skin deep.

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Simple Solutions

Most of us know that, but I think I can safely say, most of us, find it too time consuming, or confusing to put in the effort to educate ourselves on what ingredients are not only best for results, but products that give you the best there is to offer for your skin, health and environment and don’t take a bazillion different steps and bottles to get you there.

So, with a brand-new year in store, I’m feeling Resolution Ready for 2017! One of my high priority NYE resolutions this year, is committing to protecting, preserving and caring for my skin! It’s so worth it. We have a choice when choosing the products we use on our skin and ingest in our bodies and knowledge really is power. Get to know your skin! I challenge you to spend some time getting to know your own skin and its personality like it’s an actual person. Find what works for your skin and your soul! 

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