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Get the Look: 3 Tips to Mix and Layer Lip Tints

Get the Look: 3 Tips to Mix and Layer Lip Tints

We are all about multitasking at OGEE and finding new ways to use our products. Recently, we experimented with our Lip Oils and are excited to report maximum reward from these dual purpose products. Mix and match our Lip Oils on both lips and cheeks for maximum natural beauty.

Here are three quick and easy tips to mix and layer your lip tints for a natural but defined look.

Tip 1: Prep + Prime

Clear Sculpted Lip Oil

Prep lips with Clear Sculpted Lip Oil to lock in moisture and prime before applying Tint.

Begonia Tinted Lip Oil

Apply a layer of Begonia on top of Clear primed lips for a smooth finish.

Tip 2: Depth + Define

Begonia Tinted Lip Oil

Add multiple layers of Begonia for buildable, more opaque color.

Gardenia Tinted Lip Oil

Line the edges of lips to define shape and build volume.

Tip 3: Color + Contour

Gardenia Tinted Lip Oil

Line the hollow of each cheekbone with Gardenia and blend for a natural contour and bronze.

Magnolia Tinted Lip Oil

Follow the highest point of each cheekbone with Magnolia for a luminous highlight.