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French Girl Style: Sans Fashion Faux Pas

Natural Beauty Glowing Skin Organic

It’s no secret that the feminine ‘French Girl’ style has long been sought after, and while it’s thought to be unattainable, exuding Parisian style can be as simple as a confident lip color and a carefree demeanor.

Step 1: Sultry Lips

Let gorgeous skin glow, as an au naturale face paired with a pop of ruby red lips is the perfect combination of très chic.

Ogee Tinted Lip Oil Zinnia

Step 2: Supple Skin

To capture the essence of a modern muse – think Bridget Bardot – the key is: less is more. Highlight healthy skin with a dewy complexion, dabbing face oil on the cheekbones and eye lids.

Step 3: Scentual

Captivate a crowd with a subtle scent of parfum (we love geranium essential oil) that will linger lovely notes long after she’s left the room. 


Step 4: Self-Confidence

French girls are fluent in fashion, it comes with the territory. Portray effortless elegance in a casual, yet classy outfit choice; a marinière tucked ever-so-slightly into a sleek pair of white slacks, complete with the right accessories: bold lip and a clutch to match.