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Desert Mecca

Desert Mecca

Vacations can be more than just a time to disconnect from a hectic lifestyle. Aside from the beautiful scenery, Sedona Arizona is home to strong energy fields that enhance your personal wellbeing. Thousands have traveled to experience the benefits of meditation, spiritual awakening, physical healing, and self-exploration.  

Energy Fields In The Desert

Sound too good to be true? Sedona is located in the Upper Sonoran Desert, an elevation level of 4,500 feet and heightened levels of earth energy that create powerful vortex areas. National Geographic’s Pete A. Sanders Jr. reveals the scientific explanation for these elevated levels of earth energy. Through topography and an understanding of Super-Strings Physics, these spots provide the foundation for changes within. But how? “The soaring vistas at Upflow areas expands your focus. Inflow locations help you tune out externals and go inward.” [2] By utilizing vortex power, you can experience “enhanced pray, meditation, mind/body vitalization, stress reduction, and outside-the-box creative thinking and problem solving.” [1]

What Does It Have To Do With Ogee?

Arizona is home to the beloved Jojoba Shrubs (Simmondsia Chinensis). Native to the Sonoran Desert of Arizona, the plant thrives in this dry climate, only requiring three inches of rain a year. Not to mention, it can grow up to 19 feet tall! Harvesting Jojoba on a hike is a bit extreme, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reap the benefits all day long. Before you head out on your sun-soaked adventures, use Ogee Jojoba Restore Face Oilto instantly moisturizes and restore for glowing skin. Throw the Daily Facial Cleansing Cloths in your travel tote and be ready for wherever the day takes you.  

Start Your Day in Zen

Exhale your troubles away with a breathtaking scenic hike, mindful yoga and meditation. Begin your day with inspiration and relaxation by adventuring in the red rocks of Sedona. Enjoy the magical feel of the Vortex and carry it throughout your day.

Tour the Grand Canyon in Style 

Nothing is more powerful than a new perspective – get your head above the clouds on a private aerial tour of the Grand Canyon. Start your day luxuriously as a limousine whisks you to the pre-flight lounge. Continue with a glass of bubbly 3,200 feet below the rim of the canyon. Flight highlights include the Hoover Dam, the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon.

Vibrant desert valley

Viewings At A Vortex

Let your feet guide you through numerous Vortex sites for yoga or a meditation session. Harness the powers of the earth for self-exploration while you journey through the physical wonders that surround you. Don’t forget to bring your 4-legged friends! Open all year long for you, and your leashed pets.

Five popular sites declared by the National Geographic [2]: Bell Rock - Upflow Vortex, Airport Mesa - Upflow Vortex, Red Rock Crossing – Inflow Vortex, Boynton Canyon – Inflow and Upflow Vortex, & Cathedral Rock – Upflow Vortex

Desert Botanical Gardens

Spiky cacti in the desert

Tour the Garden to see beautiful plants, birds, and other wildlife that make up the beautiful Arizona desert. For a date night, bring a flash light and try a late-night tour. Explore these desert wonders with added romance under the lights of the moon and stars. 

Fine Dining

Rated in the top ten dining destinations in the country by USA Today, Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill is the perfect way to end a day of uninterrupted fun. Raise a glass with family or friends and enjoy the 360 degree views of the mountains. With cuisine to match the spectacular view, you won’t be disappointed. Try one of our favorites - the Green Goddess made with Organic Arizona Kale, Toasted Pepitas and Cotija, guaranteed to tickle your taste buds.

Honorable mention: Cress on Oak Creek, luxury cuisine served to the sounds of a babbling brook.


Desert-inspired bedroom with exposed wood and red accents

©Sun Cliff Resort

Rest easy in the Sun Cliff Luxury Resort with your own private 24 acres bordering Cathedral Rock. While overlooking the natural terrain, sip on a locally-inspired cocktail infused with one of the areas popular prickly pear fruit. Enjoy as the sun sets and the ancient astronomy reveals itself.

Honorable mentions: Enchantment Resort & L'Auberge de Sedona

Want to bring the Arizona goodness back with you?

Beyond the famous red rock that just stained your favorite sneakers, you can bring health back with you – wherever home is. Try Sakara Life, an organic plant-based nutrition program created by two local Sedona besties, Danielle and Whitney. Based on delivering organic, plant-rich super foods, our favorite meals include Dark Chocolate Granola, Cannellini & Cucumber Salad, and a Sunshine Curry Bowl.

Two beautiful blonde women cooking with organic, natural ingredients in the kitchen

@ Sakara Life


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